Future Features and Suggestions

This is a list of ideas we are collecting for improvements to this service. If you are interested in one of the items below, please do let us know so we can prioritize!


  • Community Agreement – This is an educational environment – no discussions or advocacy around politics, religion, hate speech or racism. Zero tolerance for members who violate these fundamental rules. This is a neutral space – no one coaching method is to be advocated over another. No harvesting of contact information to sell to others or to use by members outside of the services provided by this website. No spamming or otherwise using this platform to generate unsolicited contacts to members. No selling to other members using this website outside of the services provided by this website.
  • Individual Profile Page – A page where the person looking for a triad can add their individual pertinent information that will allow matches. Name, email, time zone, availability, language. login, forgot password, change password, upload profile photo, edit profile, delete profile
  • Simple Search by *name *time zone *days/times generally available *languages
  • Search functions – Search results visible to members by group by city by country by time zone by day by day/time
  • Create student group – ability for coaching students to create a group of their own cohort for searching for availability.
  • Member dashboard – login forgot password change password upload profile photo edit profile information delete profile
  • Restrict contact information – Only members can see each others\’ contact information.


  • Methodology – There are a numerous coach certification bodies in the world – need a way for members to identify and connect with others of same approach.
  • Certification levels – if there are different certification levels by the different coaching oversight bodies around the world, ability to add these into profiles for those who wish to work with those at those levels. Enable search by these fields
  • Enable Advanced Search – all the other possible fields in the expanded member profile


  • Calendar function to book triads – ability for members to use a calendar interface to book with others
  • Two way sync with industry calendars – Enable two-way sync with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and others


  • Expanded Profile options – preferred method of contact, country, city, website, phone, social, in person and/or virtual , willing to match with students, willing to do diads / exchanges, student or certified or other certifications / degrees methodology (coactive, erickson, integral, NLP, etc.) other?
  • Members advertise events to each other – for those who run events for coaches, a way to post their events to other members
  • Guest Blog posts by members – allow interested members to post useful articles for other members to read
  • Member Forum – allow members to interact with eachother on the website in the same way that they might on facebook or twitter or other discussion forums
  • User to User Messages – allow members to send notes to each other within the website.
  • Followers – allow members to \’follow\’ eachother
  • Multi-lingual support – Provide support for multiple languages / interpretation of content
  • Social Login – enable members to use the same logins they use for social media: google, facebook, twitter, instragram
  • Refer clients to another coach with a different specialty – a way for members offer a publicly visible or downloadable professional bio with contact info so that other members can send referrals. For example, my focus is women in career change but my client wants relationship coaching. I could download/forward “George\’s” profile to my client.
  • Proof of Permission to Log session – automate confirmation that a session took place so that all members of triad have the validation they need for their certification bodies
  • Automated Logging of completed triads – automatically create a log of triads that were scheduled and that took place that members can extract – triad member names, contact info, date of session, length of logged hour(s), proof of agreement
  • Member Library – Submit a resource to the coaching library – If a member comes across a good resource or useful tool, a way for them to submit the suggestion to the team for addition to a library/resource page.


  • List of coaching training companies – Directory of coach training companies around the world
  • List of members’ own companies and specialties – company profile different from the triad member profile
  • Public search – possibility in the future for members of the public to search for a coach

PREMIUM – Coach Training Companies can request a separate area with their branding for just their students. You can focus on what you do best – teaching – and we will focus on what we do best – connecting your students and alumni.

Got an idea for another feature that matches our vision of creating a learning environment? Fill out our contact form and tell us all about it!


Supporting coaches to become the best professionals that they can be by facilitating connections that allow student coaches and practicing coaches to create interactions of coach-coachee-observer. Creating these opportunities allows for coaching exchanges and constructive discussions about continual improvement that meet coaching training program and professional development needs.


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