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Each person enters their language(s), country, city, time zone and general days and times that they are available. Search, then contact those who are match with your coach triad needs! Only members of the website can see your contact information.

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The right tools for coach triads

Create your own profile page with your interests and how you want to connect to other coaches for coach triads. Use the search functions to narrow your searches to match your own needs. Use the other members’ profile pages to get your coach triad set up!

Your own profile page for you to edit

Search directory using targeted key terms

Connect with others to set up your triad

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Unlimited searches

There are no restrictions to the number of times that you can do searches.

You can search by a variety of criteria, such as by language, country, city, time zone and even type of training or credential.

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Time saver

No more trying to collect contact information and availability from all your classmates.

No more trying to compare and calculate different time zones.

Make connections with people right away from within the website.



Only those who sign up for a membership are able to see contact information.

We only ask you the questions that we need to have you show up in the directory.

You only give us the information you want to share.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I register?

Simply go to the registration page and fill in the required information. https://coachtriads.com/register/

Need help? Send an email to support@coachtriads.com or fill out our contact form: https://coachtriads.com/contact/

What is a Coaching Triad?

A triad is a commonly used training structure that has three people practicing a particular skill set. In the case of CoachingTriads.com, we are facilitating coaching triads for those practicing to become coaches. To learn more, we have written this page for you with some basic information.

Is there a free trial?

No trial needed! The basic services are free for everyone – students and practicing coaches. Eventually premium options will be available which will have fees associated with them. Basic services will stay free to support the learning environment.

Can my current class use this tool to connect just with each other?

Yes please! Tell your classmates about this tool and use it to focus on learning instead of tracking each other down! This website exists first and foremost for coaching students!

The foundational reason why this website exists is because a coaching student like you couldn’t stand how much time everyone was spending having to coordinate with each other by email and social and phone and text and chat and during class time. It bugged her so much that she even got her classmates to use their practice coaching time to help her go through her idea!

Are there going to be any new features?

We do plan to expand the features in the free member area. We also have plans to add premium options which will have fees associated with them. Existing members will be offered exceptional discounts at that time in acknowledgement of early adoption. We have posted our list of ideas here: https://coachtriads.com/roadmap/

Do you have an idea for a new feature? Send an email to support@coachtriads.com or fill out our contact form: https://coachtriads.com/contact/ ! We would love to hear from you.

How can I cancel my membership?

Just send an email to support@coachtriads.com

How is my information protected?

We take privacy and security very seriously. We do not give away or sell member information to anyone. You choose what information you add to your profile and can edit it at any time. Member sign ups are reviewed regularly for signs of fake profiles. Complaints from members about any behaviour that goes against the Terms and Conditions of service are acted on immediately. There is zero tolerance for spamming each other, trying to sell other services, or otherwise creating an environment of hatred, violence or that violates peoples safety and the learning environment.

Please also review our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy

Do you offer support?

Need help? Send an email to support@coachtriads.com or fill out our contact form: https://coachtriads.com/contact/ . We won’t charge you if there is something wrong with our website!

There may be a fee-for-support if the issue is not related to the functions of the website.

Am I allowed to charge others for my time if we connect through this website?

This community is for collaborative learning and coaching exchanges only. Please do not request payment for your time when you are using this tool to set up coaching triads. Charging other members for your time or services or offering fee-for-service or others products will not be tolerated within this coaching exchange platform. Going against this policy is against the Terms and Conditions and may lead to your membership being cancelled.

A future feature being considered is more of a ‘marketplace’ for coaches. Please check out our roadmap and consider sending us your suggestions and ideas.

What if I want to pair with coaches with the same training, approach or methodology?

One of the ongoing continual improvements we are pursuing is having a way for members to identify and search by approaches or schools. It will take time to build the database given the volume of training companies and ways that people come to coaching. If your own approach or training method isn’t reflected in the list, please send an email to support@coachtriads.com and we will add it to the options.

Can I provide feedback?

Absolutely we’d love to hear from you! Suggestions for improvements, ideas for new features, things that would work better for you and etc – we want to create a learning based and supportive community! Send an email to support@coachtriads.com or fill out our contact form: https://coachtriads.com/contact/ .


Supporting coaches to become the best professionals that they can be by facilitating connections that allow student coaches and practicing coaches to create interactions of coach-coachee-observer. Creating these opportunities allows for coaching exchanges and constructive discussions about continual improvement that meet coaching training program and professional development needs.


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